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Dianna Agron, I Heart You Too (but We Knew That)

June 3, 2010

I’ve always had a serious girl crush on Quinn/Dianna Agron, even longer than I’ve loved her Glee nemesis Santana/Naya Rivera.

So imagine my delight upon discovering Ms. Agron’s Fantastically Awesome Tumblr Page.  Turns out, she’s a phenomenal photographer.

Check ‘er out!  And then let me know whatcha think!


Glee-cap: Funk

June 1, 2010

“For those of you whose hearing has not been damaged by massive doses of Accutane, listen up…”

– Sue Sylvester

So, I dunno, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m cranky, maybe I ate too much Cool Whip with my pudding.  Whatever the reason, tonight’s episode of Glee left me nonplussed.

It’s not that I’m not a funk fan – quite the contrary! I suppose my disappointment with tonight’s show has something to do with its completely unrealistic subplots (Quinn suddenly decides to get funky. What does that even MEAN?  Sue Sylvester falls for Will Schuester? Every lesbian in the world is guffawing right now. Etc., etc…)

I’m too exhausted to get into all the ways “Funk” made me catatonic.  Instead I’ll focus on the music.  Now, the epi had some high points: for example, I was pleased to hear Mercedes bring it as Puck and Quinn’s backup vocalist on “Good Vibrations,” and it was fun to see Kurt impishly dancing around on “We Want the Funk.” But the numbers in general just didn’t do it for me.

Here are just a few songs that could’ve done this episode the justice it deserved:

  1. Kiss – Prince
  2. Get Up (Feel Like a Sex Machine) – James Brown
  3. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
  4. Super Freak – Rick James
  5. Word Up – Cameo

Season finale next week, Gleeks!  Until then…

Naya Rivera, I Heart You

May 28, 2010

I was just chatting with a new friend and fellow Gleek (Hi, B.!) about how much I love Naya Rivera, the actress who plays Santana on Glee.

In a word, she is a BADASS.  This picture says it all.

I heart you, Santana!

PS – I’m signing up for the NayaHolics Twitter feed, stat.

Glee-cap: Theatricality

May 25, 2010

“We live in Ohio, not New York, or San Francisco, or some other city where people eat vegetables that aren’t fried!”

– Finn

First of all, as a native Ohioan, I must say I resemble that remark.  (Oh, those Midwestern jokes never get old, do they?)

I also need to express my profound apologies for going AWOL last week.  Truth be told, I was sipping cocktails on the beach in Ponce Inlet, Florida. (More like chasing a three year old across the condo parking lot for the 18th time, but hey, these days are precious, aren’t they?)  Consequently I completely missed the Neil Patrick Harris epi and – would you believe it – had so much catch-up crap to deal with these last few days that I only got around to watching that one tonight! Read more…

Glee-cap: Laryngitis

May 11, 2010

“Hey!  Ladyface!”

– Sue Sylvester

Just like a bad haircut, my gleecaps are getting shorter and blunter.  Here’s my take on tonight’s episode:

What was GOOD:

  • Finn singing “Jesse’s Girl” … delish! (I doubt I’m the only one who suspects the Jesse character was so named, solely so they could do this wonderful Rick Springfield number?  I was instantly transported to the roller skating rink, circa 1982.)
  • Santana and Mercedes going at it via “The Boy is Mine,” although Santana’s voice is a tad snarly for my taste
  • Quinn playing the role of Mother Teresa – LOVE it!
  • Somewhat sappy but awesome exchange between Kurt and his dad, embracing their differences

What was BAD:

  • Mark Salling’s acting skills (sorry I have to break it to you Puck-lovers, but it’s true – the guy should NOT open his mouth unless he’s singing)
  • Kurt’s snarls and otherwise painful expressions during “Pink Houses” (kept expecting him to cough up a lugey)

Fortunately, the pro’s outweighed the con’s here, and I’m pleased to report that, generally speaking, the episodes seem to be back on track in terms of awesome-ness.

Stay tuned to next week in which, if the previews are any indication, we get to see how Neil Patrick Harris looks in a mullet!

Glee-cap: Bad Reputation

May 4, 2010

“The cruel, slow motion laughter is just your imagination.”
– Sue Sylvester

Three cheers to Glee for being TONS better this week.  I suppose everyone has to have their off days, sort of like Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Shallow Hal Phase.”

Following the I’m-too-lazy-to-give-you-a-full-recap trend I’ve conveniently established, I’ll quickly sum up my thoughts:

1) I am so delighted that Jane Lynch can sing.  I’ll say it again.  I’m really happy!  I swear she sounded better than Olivia Newton John!

2) A fellow Gleek surmised that Santana and Brittany were getting all of Quinn’s lines these days… I’m glad they threw some lines back her way this episode.  I have an ironic crush on her.

3) I greatly appreciated the MC Hammer dance in the library, and it sure did highlight the actress who plays Brittany’s dance skills. (She used to be a backup dancer for Beyonce, dontcha know)

4) The writers are devilishly clever, knowing that they make me weep every time they show a scene with Sue Sylvester and her sister.  I’m such a sucker!

5) For as cute as he may be, WOW is Mark Salling a bad actor.

6) SOOOO can’t wait to see how Molly Shannon’s character develops …!

Until next week, Gleeks.

Glee-cap: Home

April 27, 2010

Whooee!  Blame it on my cold, but tonight’s episode was a reeeeeeeeeeeal snoozer.

Granted, they had big shoes to fill after the Madonna episode, but COME ON!  What was up with all the drony musical numbers?  As my friend Christina said, “I needed a little Prozac with my Glee tonight!”

Only two things saved this episode:

1) I’m pleased that they’re finally showing that Quinn is pregnant (and friendly); and

2) Mercedes’ rendition of “Beautiful” was pretty freakin’ awesome.

Here’s a clip of one of the rare bright moments:

Let’s hope that this was a rare stumble … until next week, Gleeks.