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Glee-cap: Journey (or, A 6th Grade Love Story)

June 8, 2010

“Your hair looks like a briar patch.  I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singin songs about livin’ on the bayou.”

– Sue Sylvester

[Circa 1986]

Dear Journey:

I totally heart you.  Today in social studies class, Kim R. was like, “Journey’s way cool!” and I was like, “TOTALLY!” and she was like,”I’m totally hoping they play Journey at our skating party at King’s Roller Rink!” and I was like, “For SURE.” I am also totally hoping that [name deleted] will ask me to skate with him on the Moonlight Couple to “Faithfully,” although I will totally be dying.


The 6th Grade Version of Me

PS – If your songs should one day be mashed up on a television show featuring high school choir kids, that would be, like, totally cool.

*Your fiercest fan always


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