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Glee-cap: Funk

June 1, 2010

“For those of you whose hearing has not been damaged by massive doses of Accutane, listen up…”

– Sue Sylvester

So, I dunno, maybe I’m tired, maybe I’m cranky, maybe I ate too much Cool Whip with my pudding.  Whatever the reason, tonight’s episode of Glee left me nonplussed.

It’s not that I’m not a funk fan – quite the contrary! I suppose my disappointment with tonight’s show has something to do with its completely unrealistic subplots (Quinn suddenly decides to get funky. What does that even MEAN?  Sue Sylvester falls for Will Schuester? Every lesbian in the world is guffawing right now. Etc., etc…)

I’m too exhausted to get into all the ways “Funk” made me catatonic.  Instead I’ll focus on the music.  Now, the epi had some high points: for example, I was pleased to hear Mercedes bring it as Puck and Quinn’s backup vocalist on “Good Vibrations,” and it was fun to see Kurt impishly dancing around on “We Want the Funk.” But the numbers in general just didn’t do it for me.

Here are just a few songs that could’ve done this episode the justice it deserved:

  1. Kiss – Prince
  2. Get Up (Feel Like a Sex Machine) – James Brown
  3. You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate
  4. Super Freak – Rick James
  5. Word Up – Cameo

Season finale next week, Gleeks!  Until then…

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